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Çeşme Airport Passenger Terminal

LOCATION  :   Çeşme/İzmir
YEAR          :   2019
PROGRAM :   Airport

This conceptual design was developed as a proposal for a passenger terminal of an airport which is planned to be built in Çeşme / Izmir. The terminal building that settles on a site of ​​approximately 40,000 square meters, is planned to be a charter terminal to be used by tourists mostly. In order to prepare passangers for thier flight experience, the design of the roof was manuplated in a way, as rising from the land side to the air side.

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In the building structure, where the steel roof system is connected to the reinforced concrete vertical members via tree formed steel columns, a wide structural span of 10 meters could be passed, allowing the passengers to perceive a spacious indoor environment . The prefabricated production of the proposed steel system also shortens the construction period of the building and creates an opportunity for the investor to be able to activate the facility earlier.

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